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Atmos Rising

Atmos Rising is a group of performance artists who use expressive movement and melodic steel drums to elevate the atmosphere across the country. We believe in creating ethereal experiences that transport our audiences to new heights. Our team of artists is dedicated to bringing unique and unforgettable performances to your events. From festivals, to fantasy balls, to corporate events, we strive to make each performance a magical experience.

"I saw you today and by far the coolest thing your so beautiful and I only hope I can be as cool as you!!"

instagram: @thelocalraven

"i saw you guys taking this picture and i was awestruck you’re costumes AND movement was absolutely insane"

instagram: @agross.finsta

"Coolest most unique thing at the fair ! | : D"

instagram: @gyreck

"Saw you two walking across from where we were seated and was instantly mesmerized by your costumes and movements. Shame I wasn't able to get a photo. You are hauntingly beautiful."

instagram: @weird.little.ghost

"You guys were absolutely cool! I'm from California so it was first time and you made it absolutely awesome. ❤️"

instagram: @ohnowhatsthisdo

"Best characters at the 2023 renaissance festival."

instagram: @jtgunny

"Oh wow I’ve been thinking about this since I’ve seen you at the fair, it’s like see you left an imprint in the mind, you reminded me of someone I know from a past life."

instagram: @anthony.vilanova

"Ahhh I saw you guys at the festival! You looked so pretty! Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

instagram: @puppi.splitz

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