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The Sirens return with a dynamic, mythos-inspired album filled with intricate harmonies, driving rhythm, and bone-chilling lyrics. Lose yourself in a journey of love, loss, and mortality. We dare you to stay afloat.


This is a physical CD. If you would like to download the album, it is available on Itunes, amazon, and CDBaby.

Packaging: 4-Panel Standard

Track List:

1. The Prologue
2. Maelstrom
3. The Final Night
4. Endless Memory
5. Song of the Valkyrie
6. How Do I Love Him?
7. Prayer to the Sea
8. Desleal
9. La Prima Vez (Feat. Thomas Nuendel)
10. Siren Sky
11. Night Shall Fall
12. Drown This Broken Heart

The Odyssey (Album)

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